Rip-stop PVC Tarpaulin

Commerial grade fabric reinforced PVC Tarpaulin ,ideally suited for water sports games ,inflatable boat ,oil boom . Our materials is the finest commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC available lead free and eco-friendly .All of our products are used high strength and durable ,waterporrf and fireproof

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Product Details

Product Description :




680 GSM   Reinforced PVC Material Rip Stop Tarp, High Quality PVC Tear Stop(Rip Stop)   Tarpaulin - Tarp size  9m x 10m 




680g  PVC   coated vinyl tarpaulin 1000D*1000D 23*23/inch



5ft*7ft,6ft*8ft,6ft*10ft,6ft*20ft,8ft*8ft,8ft*10ft,8ft*12ft,8ft*16ft,8ft*20ft,10ft*10ft,10ft*12ft,10ft*14ft   etc, any size is available,3m*3m,3m*4m,4m*5m,5m*6m,6m*8m,9m*8m,9m*10m,   10m*12m etc, custom made 




Fireproof,UV   resistant,mildew-proof,tear resistant etc




Our Tarps are   made in China from a superior Tear Stop 680GSM reinforced PVC material.


Flexi make can   produce tarpaulins to standard dimensions as well as made to order dimensions   from Superior quality UV stabilized reinforced 680gsm PVC materials with   welds of 50mm.

We specialize in   producing Tarpaulins for commercial storage, Home renovations, Custom made   trailers, as well as general use. The difference between our Tarpaulins and   the everyday tarp is that ours are tough.






 ground   sheet, caming tarps,Truck Cover,Trailer Cover,Pallet Cover,baseball field   tarps,indoor room curtains, room dividers, machine covers, equipment covers,   roof covers, building and patio roofs, gym tarps


Product Feature: 
* High Air Tightness
* Superior Abrasion Resistant
* Good Impact Resistance
* High Tear Strength
* Outstanding UV Resistance
* Excellent Puncture Resistance
* Low Thermal Expansion/Contraction
* Strong Resistance to High and Low Temperature
* Waterproof
* Durability


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