PVC Tarpaulin

It has been widely used as awnings, truck cover, tents, banners, inflatable products, adumbral materials for building facility and house. The width is from 1.5 m up to 5 m. The color can be customized according to customers' requirement. We can produce PVC laminated tarpaulin and PVC coated tarpaulin, for its good flexibility, excellent tensile strength and tear strength.
  • PVC Tarpaulin Doors

    PVC Tarpaulin Doors

    Characteristic: PVC coated fabric for High speed doors is specifically designed and engineered for high speed roll-up doors. This with a high strength polyester fabric offers superior tensil and tear properties. This flame resistant fabric comes with a smooth finish. Standard...Read More
  • Acrylic Lacquer Tarpaulin

    Acrylic Lacquer Tarpaulin

    Characteristic : PVC coated fabric for High speed doors is built with a panama construction for increased tear strength and resistance . Both sides with acrylic lacquer which can increase its abrasion and slippery . PVC coated fabric for High speed doors is specifically...Read More
  • Swimming Pool Liners

    Swimming Pool Liners

    Swimming Pool Liner Characteristic: Swimming Pool PVC Vinyl Liner Swimming pool PVC vinyl liner effect 1).Swimming pool liner is made of two PVC films laminated together and reinforced with polyester fabric. 2).This makes it particularly suited for family pools or public...Read More
  • Swimming Pool Fabric

    Swimming Pool Fabric

    Swimming Pool Liner Characteristic: 1)Main Ingredient is PVC , adding anti-oxidants , No Poisonus and Eviromental protection . 2)Product ingredient molecular stability, not easy adherent dirt, no bacterium 3)Anti-Corrosion (especially chlorine resistant corrosion), can be...Read More
  • Boxing Bag Fabric

    Boxing Bag Fabric

    Features : 1.Weight:610GSM,100% polyester with PVC of one side 2.Polyester:1000D,18*18,20*20 3.Width:up to 320cm 4:Anti-UV, good color fastness performance, high durable use for 5-8 years 5.M1/B1/NFPA701 Flame Resistant Specifications Product Type:Coated Fabric Supply...Read More
  • Gym Floor Covers

    Gym Floor Covers

    Gaia Athletic Gym Mat fabrics are tough, high-strength fabrics ideal for exercise mats, folding mats, wall mats, gymnastics, cheerleading, aerobics, or tumbling Different widths, colors and textures (rice straw, pyramid or Rhombennarbung etc.) all are available....Read More
  • PVC Coated Bags Fabric

    PVC Coated Bags Fabric

    Products Description 1. Product name: PVC fabric bags (PVC bag leather) 2. Product material: environmental protection PVC high strength polyester 3. Yarn weaving density: 500D*500D/18*17 (High tenacity yarn ) 4. The thickness of the product: 0.50mm 5. Roller size: 1.53m 6....Read More
  • PVC Tent Fabric

    PVC Tent Fabric

    Description MATERIAL:100% Polyester yarn with PVC coating Product Description PVC COATED TENT FABRIC 300gsm to 1200 gsm heavy duty waterproof pvc tent fabric . PVC tent fabric produced by coating machine which composited PVC paste on polyester substrate by roller coating,...Read More
  • Camouflage Fabric

    Camouflage Fabric

    Description MATERIAL:100% Polyester yarn with PVC coating Feature 1. High intensity PVC coated polyester fabric , flexibility, good tensile, tear and peeling strength 2. Flame-retardant, UV- protection, mildew resistance, 3. High temperature resistance and cold resistant,...Read More
  • PVC Tent Tarpaulin

    PVC Tent Tarpaulin

    Product Description 1.more Higher Tenacity, tear strength and adhesiion strength. 2.Surface and backside can with same or different color 3.Good peeling strength for hot-air and high-frequence welding 4.Hot and cold of wheather Resistance; 5.Mildew proof and anti-uv...Read More
  • Block out Tarpaulin

    Block out Tarpaulin

    Block out Tarpaulin Description Our Smooth Block out Vinyl presents your artwork in a premium fashion. Its non-transparent property fits best in heavily-lit areas and outdoor settings. The elegantly smooth finish makes it appropriate for any style of event with any budget....Read More
  • Truck Cover Tarpaulin

    Truck Cover Tarpaulin

    Truck cover tarpaulin description: Applied for truck cover, side curtains and flexible container ,etc. Waterproof and treatments available to provide mildew and UV resistance ,our materials are durable ,dependable and able to perform no matter what the weather or conditions...Read More
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