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Fabric Type
- Jul 31, 2018 -

In the world of clothing, the fabrics of clothing are varied and changing with each passing day. However, in general, high-quality, high-grade fabrics are mostly characterized by comfortable wearing, sweat-absorbent breathability, draping and sturdy, visually noble, and soft touch.

To make clothing that is worn in formal social occasions, you should choose pure cotton, pure wool, pure silk, and pure hemp. Most of the garments made from these four pure natural fabrics are of a higher grade. Sometimes, clothing made of pure leather is also allowed.

(1) Woven Fabric

Also known as woven fabric, it is a fabric formed by interlacing warp and weft yarns perpendicularly to each other. Its basic organization is plain, twill, satin weave. Different woven fabrics are also composed of these three basic tissues and their varied tissues. There are mainly Chiffon, Oxford, Denim, Twill, Flannel, Damask and so on.

(2) Knitted Fabric

The yarn or the filament is formed into a coil by a knitting needle, and the coils are sleeved with each other. Since the stitch structure of the knitted fabric has a large amount of yarn stored per unit length, most of them have good elasticity. Knitted fabrics are available in single and double sides. There are mainly jerseys (single Jersey), velvet (velvet), birdeyes (birdeyes), mesh cloth (mersh fishnet) and the like.

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