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Coated Cloth Use And Product Performance
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Use of coated fabric

Widely used in sportswear, down jackets, raincoats, jackets, tents, shoes and socks, curtains, luggage and advanced waterproof and moisture-permeable ski jackets, mountaineering suits, windbreakers and so on.

It can also be used in defense, navigation, fishing, offshore oil wells, transportation and other fields.

Waterproof coating series fabrics, with windproof waterproof, moisture permeable and other functions.

From the fashion market: 50% of casual wear is made of coated fabrics. The main styles are vests and jackets. The PU coating is used, and the texture is relatively light and thin. The color tends to be light, light blue, light gray, light purple, etc., and it looks like a breeze, fresh and beautiful. The biggest advantage of coated clothing is that it is smooth, rainproof and easy to clean. It has been loved by young people since its launch and has a good market. The coated clothing consumer group is mainly young men and women and middle school students. These kinds of clothing are not expensive, and the styles change a lot, which caters to the consumption characteristics of young people.

The processing technology of coated fabrics has been continuously improved with the continuous improvement of human requirements for waterproof materials. At present, there are three processes commonly used for processing coated fabrics: calendering, melting and knife scraping. Knife scraping represents the most advanced coated fabric processing technology. Its product performance has obvious advantages in many aspects compared with other process methods. Our process is knife scraping coating process. Generally speaking, the weaving of the base fabric, the preparation of the slurry, and the control of the production process are the key factors for the quality of the knife-scraping coating product. Since the base fabric determines the strength of the product, and the knife-scraping coating is produced at a faster speed and the width is wider, any failure of the quality of the base fabric will result in a decrease in the quality of the product. The formulation of the slurry directly determines most of the properties of the product, so it constitutes a key technology for the knife coating process. We have an advanced knife-scraping PVC coating production line with professional technicians to guarantee the quality of our products.

We will be able to meet the needs of our customers and we are able to offer products in the colors required by our customers. The maximum width we offer is 2.05M and our conventional product width is 1.83~2.05M.

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