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What is the working principle of the waterproof tarpaulin?
- Jan 15, 2019 -

From our theory, the waterproofness of the fabric and the breathability of the fabric are a contradiction. The waterproof performance of a fabric is good, so its breathability is poor; On the contrary, a fabric has good air permeability, so its waterproof performance is poor. Solving this contradiction is the key to developing PVC waterproof and breathable tarpaulin. As we all know, the small diameter of water molecules is 100 microns, but the large diameter of steam is only 0.0004 microns. The difference between the diameters of the two is very large, reaching nearly 250,000 times. Some people say that waterproofing and ventilation are contradictory, but we can solve the problem. We can make the waterproof coating of the fabric into a hole type. If the aperture is too small, the waterproof performance is good, but the air permeability is poor, otherwise there is Different effects.

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