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The density of plastic tarpaulins is critical to the quality of the product.
- Oct 09, 2018 -

Plastic tarpaulins have been widely used in recent years and have been loved by consumers. The density of plastic tarpaulins is very important for the quality of products. How to test the density of tarpaulins is a method to master.

The indirect test method can be used to analyze the fabric structure and the number of warp yarns in the tissue. This method is suitable for fabrics with a large density and a small number of regular sand tissue counts.

Another method is the direct measurement method, which is analyzed by the cloth mirror. Note that the number of yarns in the number is the starting point between the two yarns. The density will directly affect the physical and mechanical indicators such as the appearance, feel, thickness, strength, flexural resistance, permeability, and wear resistance of the plastic tarpaulin.

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