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Several factors affecting the life of ceramic filter
- Aug 16, 2018 -

At a time when water pollution is becoming more and more serious, many people will choose to install a water purifier at home and filter the source water before using it. However, a household water purifier is a consumable type of equipment that requires periodic replacement of the filter element. So what are the factors that affect the life of the household water purifier filter?

First, the filter type

There are many types of household water purifier filters, such as PP cotton, activated carbon, RO membrane, UF membrane, etc. The service life of different types of filter cartridges is different. Generally PP cotton filter is about 3 months, activated carbon filter is about 6 months, rear activated carbon filter is 12 months, ultrafiltration membrane filter is about 2 years, RO reverse osmosis membrane filter is 3 years, KDF filter For 2 years, the magnetized filter element and the ceramic filter element are all in one year. Therefore, when people buy household water purifiers, they should choose according to their own needs and local water quality.

Second, the water quality situation

The water quality in different areas has different effects on the service life of the water purifier filter. In some places, the water quality is relatively good, so the replacement period of the filter element will be relatively extended. Conversely, if the water in your place is poor, you need to replace the water purifier filter more frequently to ensure that your water purifier achieves the desired results and always drink healthy water. As for the water quality, you can consult your local water company or the relevant testing agency.

Third, the frequency of use

Regardless of which water purifier is selected, the "frequency of use" is the most important factor in determining the frequency of filter replacement. Be aware that the filter capacity of any filter element is limited. When a filter element reaches a certain saturation point, it will lose its use effect, which is more obvious for a water purifier without a sewage outlet. Therefore, the higher the frequency of the water purifier, you need to pay attention to the regular replacement of the filter.

Fourth, product quality

In recent years, the potential market space of household water purifiers has attracted many manufacturers to put into production, resulting in uneven product quality. Some manufacturers have put more energy into the concept of hype, and the actual purification effect is very limited. In order to reduce the production cost of the water purifier main unit and the filter element, some manufacturers use relatively low-cost materials, which cannot guarantee the quality of the purified water. The life of such a filter element is relatively short, and it is more susceptible to secondary pollution. Therefore, when purchasing, we need to know more about the actual use of multiple brands of water purifiers, and choose manufacturers with high credibility.


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