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How to use the newly bought tarpaulin
- Dec 13, 2018 -

1. The newly purchased tarpaulin remember to put a layer of suture glue on the tarpaulin's waterproof suture glue. Because the tarpaulin is from the completion of the production to the store, and then to your hand, we do not know how much time has passed between. Although you may have a detailed inspection in the store, you feel that the tarpaulin has no shortcomings, but in order to have A comfortable feeling, do another waterproof measure.

2. The tarpaulin should be kept as dry as possible. After the end of the cargo cover, remember to hang the tarpaulin and dry it. If the tarpaulin is a little dirty, gently scrub it with cold water. Do not use chemical lotion or brush hard. This may damage the waterproof film on the surface of the fabric and reduce the waterproof effect of the tarpaulin.

3. The tarpaulin mold will damage the waterproofness of the tarpaulin. If moldy occurs, use a sponge and a little detergent to gently remove the mildew.

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