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Car stickers corresponding regulations
- Jul 31, 2018 -

According to the industry and commerce department, according to relevant regulations, the approval of the body of a private car is not allowed to advertise, but if the content of the car sticker has nothing to do with advertising, the industrial and commercial department can't handle it. Article 13 of the "Regulations on the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" stipulates: "When motor vehicles are sprayed, pasted, or car-mounted, it shall not affect safe driving." However, the traffic police department has no way to determine whether some personalized car stickers have affected the driving. It is safe and therefore impossible to investigate. In this regard, lawyers believe that the body of the private car is not the owner's "self-reserved land", if the owner can "graffiti" on the car body, it will seriously affect the city environment, so the relevant departments should introduce relevant management measures as soon as possible, standardize personalized The use of "car stickers".

Stickers should pay attention to the regulations. Some car stickers are too large to block the line of sight; some car stickers are too bright, easy to distract other car owners, increasing the possibility of accidents. Therefore, the car stickers are not free to do whatever you want. The traffic police will impose penalties if they are stuck in a window or the like that obstructs the line of sight or obscures the license plate. Too frivolous, provocative, violent and bloody, ignoring social norms and moral bottom lines, vulgar and other car stickers should be avoided.

The traffic police department also has relevant tips: car stickers with advertising nature are not allowed to be posted, and humorous and ridiculous car stickers are premised on not affecting others' driving.

The traffic police department reminds the owner that the personalized car sticker is 20% more than the single frame area of the car body, which is illegal and will be punished.

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