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Car sticker process
- Jul 31, 2018 -

A. The knife engraving process: refers to the computer inputting the vector graphics into the knife engraving machine, the knife engraving machine cuts the self-adhesive film into a preset graphic shape, and then manually stitches the different colors together to complete the production. The surface of the finished car sticker is covered with a transparent transfer film, which is removed after the car sticker is attached; due to the complicated manufacturing process of the car sticker, the material cost is too high, and the purpose is only suitable for the small-scale customization of the individual car and the team of the Che Youhui;

B. Printing, inkjet, photo, screen printing, etc.: After the computer inputs the vector or pixel image into the machine, the machine prints or screens the color ink on the transparent or white base film according to the graphic by inkjet or screen technology. Then, it is cut and formed along the pattern edge through the knife plate; most of the manufacturing companies (such as motorcycles, electric bicycles, etc.) use the screen printing process for mass production of the car stickers;

C. Metalworking and Others: The metal process refers to a car sticker (car logo) made by pressing a metal plate such as an aluminum plate through a machine to press the concave and convex surface, and then using a metal baking varnish to produce a color, and finally, by grinding, drawing, etc.; The area should not be too large and can only be used for small range of iconic car stickers.

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