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Car sticker material
- Jul 31, 2018 -

The material of the car sticker is mainly PVC outdoor special glue sticker which can adapt to outdoor conditions. It requires more wear and UV protection than ordinary advertising grade materials. The material and color are not as rich as the fabric of the clothing, but there are also ordinary, Luminous, metal reflective, laser reflective, metal wire drawing, etc. are available in many options. Car stickers all over the car, the sides of the car, the hood, the light eyebrows, the skirt, the wheel hub, as long as the current regulations allow the reasonable creation of the scope, you can fully enjoy the car owners' personal hobbies. Car stickers are not patents of young people. People of all ages, as long as they love car culture, love life and can find fun from car stickers.

Car stickers must withstand the wind and the sun, the car stickers must have waterproof, sunscreen, not suitable for fading and tearing without leaving the rubber and other durability features, so the current car stickers choose to use self-adhesive is the best, self-adhesive Colors and materials are made by special processes, which have the highest color durability at the factory, while other car stickers such as printing, inkjet, photo, and screen printing processes use inkjet printing or screen printing on the base film. In terms of current technology, no pigment ink can withstand the wind and the sun for a long time.

Because the knife-engraving sticker can ensure that the car sponsor's logo is clear and high-quality on the car, and the high-grade stickers will not damage the car paint and gloss after tearing off, the current international racing is generally not used. The adhesive car making process, but not the adhesive material, is the best American famous brand 3M. With the advancement of technology, 3M invented the reflective adhesive in the 1990s and gradually used it to make car stickers. The color and the reflection of the night are not only dazzling, but also greatly improve the safety of the car. As a result, the car stickers have gradually become the must-have items for the car family with the four characteristics of numbering, branding, decoration and safety.

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