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Car sticker classification
- Jul 31, 2018 -

sports sticker

Sports stickers, mainly refers to sports sports stickers, the models used in the field and rally are different from the track, and the car stickers are also different. The rally car sticker pattern highlights the logo of the team and the logo of the main sponsor. The color matches the overall VI design style of the team to better achieve the publicity effect. The car stickers on the field often see dynamic patterns such as flames, flags, waves, etc., adding a lot to the racing.

sticker class modification

Refit stickers refer to the theme stickers that are specially designed by the various remodeling manufacturers to exhibit or promote new products on the exhibition car. They are often designed to match a certain model or product. They are colorful and eye-catching. There are also many patterns that are the logo of the conversion factory and some of the signs of the modified products. After some careful design and matching, they complement the modified exhibition car.

personality sticker

Personalized stickers, personalized stickers according to the owner's personal preferences and tastes. Sporty, artistic, practical, as long as the various styles look harmonious and beautiful, you can freely choose and match, design your own, and create your own style.

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