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Building membrane product performance
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Self-cleaning performance

The PTFE membrane and the specially treated PVC membrane have good self-cleaning properties, and the rainwater will be condensed on the surface of the water to make the surface of the membrane clean.

optical performance

The membrane material filters out most of the UV rays and prevents internal items from fading. Its transmittance to natural light can reach 25%. The transmitted light produces uniform diffused light inside the structure, no shadow, no glare, good color rendering, and the film structure under the action of ambient light and internal illumination at night. The surface gives off a natural soft glow.

mechanical properties

Medium-strength PVC film: its thickness is only 0.61mm, but its tensile strength is equivalent to half of steel. Medium-strength PTFE membrane: its thickness is only 0.8mm, but its tensile strength has reached the level of steel. The modulus of elasticity of the film is low, which facilitates the formation of complex curved shapes of the film. Its extremely light self-weight satisfies the requirements of large-span buildings and can greatly reduce the total cost of large-span buildings.

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